It Was Supposed To Be A March For Zuma’s Respect But South Africans Want None Of It


I’ve always thought there are many meaningful cliches about “respect” people can ideally refer to before demanding to be respected. I mean, what happened to sayings like “respect is earned”? Aren’t our mothers, those dinning with the ANC as its women’s league aware of such sayings? Aren’t they aware that many South Africans felt disrespected with the hardship, crimes and rapes, murders and injustice in the country? Why do they have to march and demand for the person regarded as the chief cause of all those disrespectful experiences to be respected?

Well, according to our moms parading the streets singing “Zuma, I love you so much,” and as spoken for by their president Bathabile Dlamini, the president “is the face of the ANC and our country. He needs respect…If people can start with the president, it means on the ground they are going to bully everyone…We condemn the denigration of the image of President Zuma by so-called artists.”

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What our moms are saying is not completely senseless but considering we never saw our sweet mums on streets during the #feemustfall protest, and that they are rarely seen making much fuss about all the atrocious happenings in the country, many South Africans have taken to twitter to confess their disappointment with the “unintelligent” march of our mothers. Some of their reactions are as shown below.

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