Year Of The Bae: Here Are The Four Baes We’ve Had This Year


It seems everywhere you look these days, one thing or the other is going viral. No one is complaining, though, these viral sensations bring about memes that will have us laughing in stitches for days, even weeks.

This year has certainly given us a new trend in memes and viral sensations: Bae. We’ve seen different ‘baes’ go viral this year. If you’re a little confused, allow us to clarify:

Bae is an affectionate term which can be used in place of sweetheart, darling, baby, and boo. Since its inception, the term has spread like wildfire and it’s become hard to believe there was once a time when people resisted this term. With that clarification out of the way, here are a few of our favorite ‘Baes’ that have gone viral this year.

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Salt Bae

Salt Bae is a Turkish Chef – Nusret Gökçe – who owns Nusr-et a chain of steak houses in Turkey. After a video of him showing off his skillful cutting technique was uploaded online, people immediately became taken with him, especially the way he sprinkles his salt.

His salt-sprinkling manner literally spawned hundreds of memes and earned him the title of salt bae, making him our first bae of the year.

Hurt Bae

While Salt bae makes us delighted, not the same can be said for hurt bae. ‘The Scene’ released a video on Valentine’s day with the caption – He cheated on her. Now she wants to know why. Within hours, the video went viral. The video shows a woman (Kourtney) confronting her ex-boyfriend (Leonard) asking why he cheated on her.

What caught the attention of everyone was the fact that the woman was still clearly hurt and devastated from the relationship, while the ex-boyfriend gave off an apathetic vibe, almost as though he didn’t care that he hurt her at all; causing many people to come to the defense of Kourtney a.k.a Hurt bae.

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Stranded Bae

This was a particularly interesting one because literally, no one came out looking good in this whole debacle. After Valentine’s day, a twitter user shared her ordeal on Valentine’s day. For the holidays, her boyfriend paid for her flight to Washington D.C, so they can spend the holiday together, he even made matching t-shirts for them with her face on it.

Everything seemed to be going well until her boyfriend dropped her off at the airport and after her flight was canceled, she could no longer reach him. She later found out he was out partying with other girls and his friends. Because she had no money on her, she ended up becoming stranded at the airport for 7 hours. When she returns to his place to confront him, he calls the police on her and before we knew it, someone’s mother is involved.

While there are two sides to this story, her experience has served to remind women to always carry their own money with them, no matter what.

stranded bae

Boot Bae

This is unarguably the funniest of all baes. It shows clearly just how protective some women can be of their men. The story originated from a fundraiser for the University of Houston’s Nigerian Student Association.

In the originating video, a woman in a black see through top can be seen approaching a man who was sitting with his girlfriend who was wearing a thigh high pair of red boots.

The lady in red boots acted with admirable precision as she raised one of her legs blocking the girl in the see-through top from coming closer to her man – giving rise to the term boot bae.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself and see how boot bae managed to steal our hearts.