The Color of Danger Is Black – Here Are The Worst Drivers In South Africa


The fatality and devastation of road accidents in South Africa is better captured in a related article titled; “top 5 most terrific road accidents in South Africa.” The article for instance, highlighted that South Africa, as rated by the International Transports Forum is the worst country in terms of the road fatalities as 40 people die each day on our roads. Also, the Road Traffic Management Corporation estimated that about 5,500 people were killed on South Africa roads from April to August this year. While the rate of such accidents is expected to increase during festive period (December – January) it is expedient you know who the worst drivers of the country are.

Thanks to Discovery Insure study, we can tell virtually everything about the rough drivers of the country. From the city where you’ll find most of them, to their gender, age, the make, and even color of their vehicles. The study which sampled the 10 largest metropolitan areas in South Africa, analysed the driving behavior of the country based on the over 30,000 South Africans who downloaded the free Discovery Insure app that measures harsh braking, sharp cornering, acceleration, speeding, accidents and late night driving.

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Ranking Of Cities With The Best And Worst Drivers

The analysis revealed that Port Elizabeth is the safest city to drive whereas Nelspruit is South Africa’s most unsafe driving city. According to the findings of the driving behavior analysis, below is the ranking of the cities from the safest to the most unsafe.

1st – Port Elizabeth

2nd – Cape Town

3rd – Bloemfontein

4th – Polokwane

5th – Johannesburg

6th  – Pretoria

7th – Pietermaritzburg

8th – East London

9th – Durban

10th – Nelspruit

Ranking The Drivers By Age

It was gathered that older drivers are better drivers than younger ones. The ranking is as indicated underneath.

1st – 60 and Above

2nd – 36 to 60

3rd – 26 to 35

4th – 18 to 25

Best Drivers In Term Of Gender

It was as well revealed that females are generally, better drivers than males. While men are better in gentle braking and using less of their cell phones while driving, the women are better in smooth acceleration, balanced cornering and good speeding.

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Drivers As Ranked By The Kind Of Cars They Drive

As ranked by the their cars, majority of the best drivers drives Hyundai whereas the worst are behind Audi wheels. The ranking of drivers by the kind of their vehicle, from the safest to the most unsafe is as listed below.

1st – Hyundai

2nd – Honda

3rd – Opel

4th – Toyota

5th – Nissan

6th  – Ford

7th – Volkswagen

8th – Mercedes-Benz

9th – BMW

10th – Audi

Best and Worst Drivers In Terms Of The Color Of Their Vehicles

Black is the color of danger here, and drivers driving blue colored cars are the best drivers. The full ranking of drivers in terms of the color of their vehicles is as seen below.

1st – Blue

2nd – White

3rd – Red

4th – Metallic

5th – Silver

6th – Black

Their Personality

Again, conscientious people who are often described as “thorough”, “careful” or “vigilant” are the safest drivers and the extroverted drivers, the rough ones. Just as non-smoking drivers are better than those that do smoke.

Who Is The Worst Driver Of The Country?

From the foregoing, the worst driver in South Africa is that extroverted man in his early twenties living in Nelspruit, who’s a smoker and drives a black Audi.

Who Is The Best Driver Of The Country?

On the other hand, the best driver in the country is that non-smoking conscientious lady who is about 60 years or above, living in Port Elizabeth and driving a blue Hyundai. Do inform us when you find her.

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