Terrorists Attack And Kill 6 In Jarkata-Indonesia


At least 6 people were killed in as terrorists attack the center of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta which led to a gun shootout and several bomb blasts on Thursday 14th January 2015.

After a gun battle that lasted for hours, the police said four suspected attackers have been killed and four arrested with one still at large. Other victims include two civilians one dead and one seriously injured.

Details remain unclear, but at least one of the blasts hit a Starbucks cafe outside the Sarinah shopping centre and next to a police security post.

Eye witnesses say up to 15 attackers are believed to have entered the city of Jakarta on their motorbikes, armed with guns and explosives. Some of them entered the cafe and detonated explosives while some of the terrorists hid in a theatre complex in the city. Indonesian TV reported three more explosions outside the Pakistani and Turkish embassies.

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After the terrorists attack and blasts, hundreds of policemen and armoured tanks moved to the area, gunfire broke out after police arrived at the scene and there were several further explosions and reports of police chasing suspects. The blasts were centred around Thamrin Street, a major shopping and business district close to embassies and the United Nations offices which accommodate large crowds because of the Sarinah shopping complex and several cafes around it

National Police Deputy Chief Commander Gen Budi Gunawan said two had been killed in a shootout outside a theatre and two others blew themselves up with explosives at the police post in front of Starbucks.

It is not yet clear the terrorist group that was behind the terrorist attack. Indonesia has been attacked by Islamist terrorist groups in the past and was already on alert over the new year period after receiving threats from the so-called Islamic State (IS).

National police spokesman Anton Charliyan said though it was not yet clear who carried out the attack, IS had warned of a “concert in Indonesia” which would become international news.

This terrorist attack happened just two days after the attack on Turkey’s capital that killed 10 people.