Terror Suspect Siblings Claim Ammunition Were For Hunting Trips


Hawks recovered twenty rounds of ammunition and a stun grenade from terror suspect siblings’ home. That was during a joint operation with the National Intervention Unit, Bomb Squad and other law enforcement agencies.

They arrested four terror suspects aged between 20 and 24 years. The suspects were allegedly, working in terrorism related activities in Gauteng.

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Two of the suspects faced the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court. Their charge sheet divulged that the SA brothers planned to detonate explosives at US embassy and ‘Jewish institution’ in South Africa.

However, the two other terror suspect siblings, Fatima and Ibrahim Mohammed will apply for bail next week.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that Fatima and Ibrahim argued that they have a reasonable explanation for possessing the ammunition Hawks uncovered.

Their legal representative, Yousha Tayob, said the ammunition was from hunting trips. And, that the stun grenades were acquired by Ibrahim during his time as a member of the community policing forum.

Tayob accused Hawks of interfering with the system of justice. To him, the decision to postpone bail of his clients was unexpected and unnecessary.

“There’s a certain extent of interference in this matter and it is all coming from the top somewhere in Pretoria as far as we know. So there is no independent judicial system in this matter, it is a witch hunt of sorts and we are just going to have to do what we can to get them out,” Tayob stated.

Fatima and Ibrahim Mohammed got charged at Kagiso Magistrate Court Yesterday. They will appear before the Magistrates Court on 18 July.

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Nonetheless, Hawks said the four suspects were identified after they attempted to travel to Syria in 2015. They were however refused by an international airline to travel after Hawks were informed of their intentions.

Please note that the image on this article is not a picture of the ammunition recovered.