8 Terrifying Things South Africans Have Found In Their Foods


Customers have found “meal-breakers” which are unexpected and often awful things that are found in otherwise perfectly ordinary food. Meal-breakers can vary from the almost innocent stains and dirts in improperly washed fruit or salad to the worst nightmare you can ever have for a dinner. Ever since Dirk Steenkamp posted a photo of a frog he found in his Woolworths salad on twitter, a lot of people have expressed their dissatisfaction while more social media users have reported worms and stones found in the foods they bought.

From frog to stones, South African customers have discovered bizarre things in various packaged food items and these could be sitting on a store shelf or a kitchen of a food store near you. Check them out:

Things found in food 4

Things found in food

A dead frog found in Woolworths salad. Picture by: Dirk Steenekamp ‏@Dirk_Steenekamp.
A dead frog found in Woolworths salad. Picture by: Dirk Steenekamp ‏@Dirk_Steenekamp.

Things found in food 7

worm in food

Things found in food 5

Things found in food 6

Things found in food 3

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