Tbo Touch’s Monthly Paycheck At Metro FM Was Fat!


Tbo Touch’s monthly paycheck while he was still with the state broadcaster, was so cool you would wonder how he summoned the courage to leave it behind.

The radio Jock recently revealed that he was earning a reasonable R200k a month when he finally took the decision to leave Metro FM.

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The juicy details about Tbo Touch’s monthly paycheck was unravelled while speaking to T-Bose Mokwele on Kaya FM. Touch recounted a time when he was frustrated and earning around almost five times less than the aforementioned amount at the station.

Subsequently, he was asked how much he was earning by the time he left. Touch revealed that he was making nearly five times more than what he used to.

“About R200,000 a month, when I left. It was nice. It was a nice cheque,” Touch informed T-Bose.

Touch suddenly announced his resignation from the radio station in June, shocking many of his fans who didn’t see it coming.

Shortly after he left the radio station, there were speculations that he had previously been suspended for allegedly failing to read an advert on air.

However, Touch later revealed on CliffCentral that it was because he did not quite follow the laid down rules. He had blatantly refused to cut certain features from his show.

Nevertheless, Touch acknowledged that he learnt a lot during the time he spent at the station. He further thanked the broadcaster for “the time and efforts in building my TV and radio career”.

So, when he left the radio station, it was “out of principle” and not because he had grudges. He also had to leave at a time when his career was at its peak.

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“No one has ever left at their prime, if you look at where I was. When you look at where I was, you know, what I’ve done. You don’t make that kinda decision when you’re earning the biggest cheque in the building, and you’re saying ‘I’m out’ out of principle,” Touch said.

At least we know he’s doing even better on his own.