Communications Minister Warns Motorists To Stop Taking Selfies While Driving


Don’t waste your life this weekend. Don’t take selfies while you’re driving. “The charm of taking selfies while driving may not only get you many ‘likes’ on social media, but can also lead to death,” warns Communications Minister Faith Muthambi.

Acknowledging that long weekends are busy periods on South Africa’s roads as many motorists will be travelling to various destinations, the Minister called on the law enforcement officers to dish-out the full extent of the law on those caught taking photos or texting while driving.

“We know that alcohol and speeding are some of the major factors leading to fatal crashes on our roads (but) I am deeply concern about this trend of #Drivingselfie usually by young motorists.

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Selfies while driving are becoming more popular and causing major distraction to drivers. We are saying to our motorists, taking a selfie while driving is deadly so please don’t do it.

As a caring government, we don’t want this trend to result in fatal accidents on our roads…We love all of you and this country will never be the same without you.

So before you embark on those trips, always remember that taking a selfie can end your life. Selfies behind the wheel are a danger not only to you but also to other motorists,” Muthambi pleaded.

She further stated that “this is not an attempt to control young people on how they can use their smartphones.” But simply a gesture to make them understand that taking selfies while driving brings danger to the roads.

“Our plea is that all of us must use our roads with care and always observe the rules of the road. We are raising this issue because we don’t want you to make headlines after crashing your vehicles while attempting to take a selfie.”

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The minister iterated that taking selfie while driving is among the most stupid things that ought not to be done on roads. As she argued that selfies should be about enjoying and celebrating life, and not to foolishly dare the devils at dangerous moments that can lead to death and injury.