Tackling Unemployment Is Not Government’s Job – Jimmy Manyi


Issues about how to deal with SA’s rising unemployment and weakening economy has been much debated on with a large number of citizens blaming the government under the ruling ANC party for not playing a good role towards resolving these issues.

But Mzwanele Jimmy Manyi, president of the Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF), said a larger proportion of the responsibility lies on private sectors.

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Manyi said during a panel discussion at the convention of the SA Property Owners Association (Sapoa) that it lies on the shoulders of private sectors in the country to create jobs and ensure a steady growth of of employment and the government is meant to monitor these sectors and ensure they pay their tax as at when due.

“Government must find a way to tax funds in the private sector. That is the duty of government. The duty of the private sector is to create jobs, but it does not want to come to the party,” he said.

“When one sees how war torn countries in the rest of Africa are, you realize the value of peace. The ANC has ensured peace in South Africa, but now it is taken for granted and no credit is given to the ANC,” Jimmy Manyi added as he goes on in defense of the ruling party.

Manyi’s comment echoes President Zuma’s insistence that it is not the business of government per se to create jobs and that it rest on everyone to create the right environment for business to thrive, so that they can create jobs for our people.

The president who was speaking at the opening of the National House of Traditional Leaders in March, called on various private sectors to be up and doing in ensuring better job creation for citizens.

Manyi went on to slam another panel member, political analyst Justice Malala, for insinuating that people are only following the ANC because they are uneducated or uninformed.

In Manyi’s words, there is nothing wrong with cadre deployment if it is in the right and proper way in order to create alignment with policies and skill.

Malala on his own part emphasized that the ANC still has the power to change the country if it puts its mind to doing so. But Jimmy Manyi challenged back saying one cannot reverse 300 years of apartheid in 20 years.

“We sit with unemployed graduates in townships – most are black and racism in SA has reared its ugly head. People say it is government that is corrupt, but it is actually the private sector that is still corrupt,” claimed Manyi. He cited as an example the fines issued to companies in the construction sector.

Meanwhile, the PPF addressed the Tshwane protests saying the main key that will see the end of the riot and numerous others yet to happen lies in making the SA economy inclusive though he doubts if any politician will do that.

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According to Jimmy Manyi also, the riot isn’t just about politics, “it is about addressing poverty, ignorance and disease. It is about good education and healthcare“ he said, adding that it would be difficult to motivate young people to burn cars and buses if they have jobs.

He emphasized though that he is in favor of what he calls making BEE workable.