‘Resigning On My Own Would Be Surrendering to White Monopoly’ – Zuma


You must forget about pleading to Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma conscience in order to get him step down as the President of South Africa. 

It wouldn’t yield any result, Zuma will never resign voluntarily. For to him, doing as such is tantamount to surrendering to “white Monopoly”.

Mr President made the remarks while he was speaking at the ANCYL Economic Freedom Lecture at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban.

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Zuma talked about the agitation for him to resign and claimed that some of the resignation calls came from an “international chamber”.

Also, he referred to the protest against his decision to remove Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister saying:

“They called it the Nene disaster. But is the nation really aware of what is happening? The monopoly capital and their stooges attacked me…

“I realized that I will not resign on my own, that would be surrendering to the white monopoly.”

President Zuma further asserted that the people who control South Africa’s economy, control everything including the media.

“They can paint you black, even if you are not,” he said. And, added that they buy people to promote their agenda.

Afterwards, President Zuma urged the ANCYL to particpate actively in the ANC’s policy conference coming up next year.

He charged the youth league to scrutinize the ANC policy and champion amendments when necessary.

“You must look at what has happened, the changes made, since the ANC came into power.

“As the ANCYL, you are not starting anything new. We have policies that are new and we have the implementation of those policies. We mustn’t discuss policies as if they are new.

“…You mustn’t just read the freedom charter. You must study it, understand it and fully relate it to the policies that are being implemented today.”

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“We can’t be shy about the economy being constructed on a racial basis. It is an anomaly to have the black majority participating in the economy as workers.

“In any country, it is the indigenous that are in charge. We are an exception because of the policies from colonialism to Apartheid,” added President Zuma.