Support Is Growing Behind DA’s Campaign To Win Nelson Mandela Bay


The Democratic Alliance (DA) was celebrating the performance of its student organisation at PE College SRC election, when they hinted that their party will win Nelson Mandela Bay this year.

According to the opposition party, “support is growing behind the DA’s campaign to win Nelson Mandela Bay in 2016, and this result at PE College bodes well for a 2016 victory for the DA in the Metro.”

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The DA, proclaiming that they are “humbled by the unprecedented level of support for the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) at (the) PE College SRC election, pointed out that the DA student organisation won big despite contesting the election for the first time.

“DASO (Democratic Alliance Student Organization) contesting the election for the first time, has won 3 out of 4 seats at the iQhayiya Campus. This translates into a 75% victory, which is a massive triumph given the stranglehold that SASCO has had on the institution for over 7 years,” DA stated.

To the party, other party members and supporters are now supporting the DA.

“The victory for the DA at this campus is indicative of growing youth support for the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay, particularly amongst former SASCO/ANC supporters.

The DA is set on winning Nelson Mandela Bay in this year’s election with the continued support of our young voters.” remarked DA.

Emphasizing that it’s humbling and encouraging to witness DASO growth at various tertiary institutions around the country despite the struggles to gain recognition, the DA related thus;

Voters continue to reward DASO with increased support on campuses in South Africa as an acknowledgment of sound delivery and integrity. DASO’s commitment to caring for students and their issues has been confirmed by this election result.

It was also disclosed that DASO secured 2 additional seats at the Russel Road and Dower Campuses.

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