Stop-Promoting-Satanism Petition Launched Against “Satanic Events” In SA


There are some satanic skeletons in our closets and Christians SA has decided to expose them by launching a “Stop Promoting Satanism in South Africa” petition.

While BuzzSouthAfrica is yet to substantiate who Christians SA are exactly, this report is filed to ready your eyes and keep them on watch for Mr Satan. I mean, if that guy has decided to vacate hell and while away time in South Africa, the best we can do is to spy on him and his demons.

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As far as we know, the dude and his pals are responsible for every bad event that has happened and will happen. Those kind of guys are not the caliber of entities we want wondering about our rainbow nation. So we’ve got to listen to Christians SA whoever they are. Don’t we?

Anyway, Christians SA is calling on “venues, consumers and artists to boycott satanic influenced organizations in South Africa and avoid any related business dealings with them.”

They are equally calling on “Christian artists to not partake in events that are sponsored by satanic influenced companies/agencies or perform at venues that support the anti-Christ movement of these establishments.”

Apparently, “there are certain blasphemous media, music and event organisations and venues corrupting the minds of individuals by letting blatant satanic international artists and bands come to our beautiful country and perform, spreading their filthy message to their following and glorifying devils and demons.”

With the information above, Christians SA disclosed that the ‘right’ which they label as ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Constitutional Law’ and the uprising in record labels and event companies completely undermines the majority and ethical values our ‘fair’ nation stands for and abolishes the Christian values our forefathers and leaders took generations to build to create Freedom in SA.”

That’s not all, Christians SA further warned venues allowing the satanic organisations to book events on their premises and blaspheme God openly, that they are promoters of “pure evil hate speech.

If we can’t shut these companies down completely, then let’s stand together to slow them down at least and urge the venues to cancel booked Satanic events and discourage more Sacrilegious artist from arriving on our shores to pollute the minds of our youth,” Christian SA begged.

Ultimately, you can check up the petition here if you’re worried and terrified about the inhabitants of hell partying about Mzansi.

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