‘Stop Dumping Sub-Standard Goods In SA’- Trade Minister Rob Davies


Trade and Industry minister Dr. Rob Davies has vehemently warned individuals who freely dump illicit and sub-standard goods in the country to desist from such criminal act.

The minister said culprits would not only have their goods seized and destroyed, they would also be forced to dance to the music of the law.

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“We want to warn perpetrators that if we find them, they will lose their products … they must also be prepared to face the full might of the law,” Davies said.

The Trade and Industry minister issued this warning at CBC St John’s in Parklands in Cape Town, on Thursday as he spearheaded the destruction of second-rated goods that were certified sub-standard in terms of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act.

Reports said the low-quality goods were confiscated from numerous suppliers and at various ports of entry. According to the minister,  80 percent of the goods had been impounded at ports of entry.

He therefore reminded all and sundry that people who deal in sub-standard and low quality products engage in criminal enterprise.

He further reiterated that dealing in non-compliant goods is very harmful to consumers and that such business strongly creates unfair competition against local firms that produced compliant products.

He added that the ministry is out to deal with people who deal in such criminal business, together with their goods.

“We want to root out these non-compliant products. We must consequently make sure that people who are selling these products are intercepted and subject to criminal penalties,” he said.

Davies said the estimated value of non-compliant products destroyed, which included electro-technicals, chemicals, mechanicals and materials, was R36.6 million.

During the event, SARS custom worker, Beyers Theron added that the toxic and corrosive nature of illicit trade and organised transnational crimes harmed economic growth and job creation, challenged the rule of law, robbed government of revenue and threatened human rights and quality of life.

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