Stop Being Negative, Be Positve About SA, President Zuma Says


President Zuma has called on South Africans to desist from being negative on issues that concern the future of the country.

The president who was speaking at the Black Business Council gala dinner on Tuesday night said all citizens, both black and white, need to stop being negative about the country.

The BBC organized a gala night with the theme “Transformation- Why should we continue advocating for it” which also had captains of industry being honored for their contributions to the economy.

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There, Zuma said the council reminded the country that the struggle for economic freedom was still in progress despite the fact that “Political freedom has been achieved”.

“All the national groups in the country, there is not a single one that can say it’s received negativity as us, generated by us, against us. You can’t combine wrong and right and succeed,” President Zuma said, pointing out that there can’t be stable growth if there is so much negativity and doubt placed around the performance of black-run businesses.

The BBC has maintained its relentless support for Zuma to remain president despite growing call for his resignation.

Throwing its weight behind Zuma, the group warned critics that dethroning Zuma would amount to a coup if he did not remain in his position for the full term.

The council’s decision at a point sparked off internal tension with prominent ANC and business figure Sipho Pityana calling the council “crony capitalists” and BBC CE Mohale Ralebitso hitting back, accusing Pityana of distorting the facts.

The president has heard several calls for his removal, not only from opposition parties but civil organizations and struggle veterans, including ANC veteran Ahmed Kathrada and former finance minister Trevor Manuel.

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Pityana, who is a strong supporter of the “Zuma must fall “campaign said the reasons that the BBC had advanced for supporting Zuma were self-serving and that the council was oblivious to the pain that Zuma was inflicting on SA.

“They have advanced a flimsy list of reasons, particularly when seen against his … transgressions. They applaud the Ministry of Small Business and the black industrialist programme … but we have to weigh these issues against the fact that President Zuma has been found to have failed to uphold his oath of office and allowed the abuse of state resources to his personal gain” Pityana reportedly said.