Stilo Magolide Pokes Fun At AKA’s Fashion Sense, Says He Rescued Him


Chatting with Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral recently, Stilo Magolide rubbished the fashion sense of local artists with special emphasis on rapper AKA.

According to Stilo Magolide, AKA’s fashion sense before he started styling him, was just “terrible”. He also claimed to have previously styled some of the bigshots in African entertainment industry.

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Stilo revealed that he got his inspiration to venture into styling after seeing how terribly wrong local rappers dress in their music videos.

In other words, his career as a stylist was born out of the urge to help rappers dress right. He also claims to have gone continental with his career; styling the likes of Nigerian starboy Wizkid.

“The whole point of styling for me was that… I used to watch music videos and be like ‘Our local rappers are so terrible at dressing themselves’. Let me lend a helping hand. And that’s what I did. It became a thing, and then went from styling all of South Africa’s top rappers to into Africa.”

Stilo went ahead to drop the names of some the artists he had dressed and AKA was on the list. Prior to styling him, AKA’s look was allegedly “terrible”.

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“He was terrible. His shoes were really tight. He literally would strangle his shoes. He was terrible,” he said.

‘His jeans were too tight, I think he went back to that because now I’m not styling him anymore,” he added.

Earlier this month, AKA managed to end his long-standing feud with DJ Black Coffee. The rapper offered a hand of friendship to DJ Black during his performance at the Spring Fiesta event in Boksburg.

Let’s pray he doesn’t enter into another feud so quickly following Stilo’s utterances.