Photos: Oscar Pistorius Humiliated As He Walks Through Court On Stumps


In a last bid to show how vulnerable he was to deliberately murder his girlfriend on Valentine Day in 2013, Sprint runner Oscar Pistorius wobbled on his stumps in a packed court room today.

Pistorius, who looked the picture of humiliation was asked to lay aside his prosthetic limbs to show his stumps to the televised hearing which will decide his murder sentence.

Cladded in his wet T-shirt and red teary eyes filled, Pistorius walked past Reeva Steenkamp’s dad, Barry, who was forced to make way for his daughter’s murderer as he stood up from the dock for the dramatic demonstration.

As he heads to pull off his prosthetic limbs, fans, friends and relatives of the ‘Blade Runner’  break down in tears. The court room heard loud sobs as they all watched him move unsteadily, and much smaller in size in front of the court.

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He was further helped to stand still by a cameraman and his therapist and after which he held unto a furniture to maintain his balance. As he demonstrates, he was forced to kneel down on a small-sized cushion when the strain of the stagger got escalated.

Pistorius’s sister Aimee, and his close friend Jenna Edkins, sobbed and wiped tears from their eyes at the excruciating demonstration of the athlete’s vulnerability.

Sprint Runner Oscar Pistorius

Barry Steenkamp then stood for him to get back to the dock after the dramatic demonstration. Pistorius was heard sobbing and shaking.

His lawyer, Mr Roux told the court how he did not wish to hide him behind his fame. He reminded the judge that punishment was ‘not meant to break the offender’.

However, State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel  opined he would support Mr Steenkamp’s demand for the ‘world to see’ the extent of Reeva’s injuries,by lifting the ban on publishing pictures of her bullet-riddled body.

‘Isn’t it time for the world to see what Oscar Pistorius did with Black Talon rounds to Reeva Steenkamp’s head?’ he asked.

Sprint Runner Oscar Pistorius

Nel also questioned Pistorius’ claim of remorse, despite not being consistent in his explanations on how events turned that very day.

“Remorse without a credible explanation is impossible – remorse for what?. There is a difference between I am very sorry Reeva is dead and I am sorry for myself that Reeva is dead,’ State Prosecutor Nel argued.

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The Paralympics star was born without fibulas – calf bones – and at 11 months old. Afterwards, his two legs were amputated below the knee, enabling him to be fitted with prosthetic legs.

During the TV sentencing, Pistorius recounted the discomfort of wearing prosthetic legs, or his iconic carbon blades, and the sores that he had to tend on a regular basis. He also disclosed how his stumps got infected while in jail.

Meanwhile, his legal representative, Mr Roux has prayed the court to allow Pistorius return to hospital instead of jail.