Singer Speedy Expresses Disapproval Of Local Celebs Who Feign American Accents


It’s really funny watching people feign American accent when they are yet to leave the shores of Africa.

Agitated by this phenomenon, musician Speedy lashed out at South Africans and local celebrities who travel to the next district only to come back with a ‘fake’ American Accent.

His focus was on what he tagged “wannabe celebrities” on TV speaking in an accent from a country they’ve never been to.

Thus, Speedy took to Instagram on Monday evening with a bag full of shades aimed at these “wannabe celebrities”.

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According to the singer, he often sees them on TV speaking with an accent. Meanwhile, they can’t even afford a ticket to Cape Town.

“It’s funny watching some of these wannabe celebrities on TV with an American accent taking shots at me. But they haven’t been to America. Better yet, they can’t even afford a damn ticket to Cape Town,” he wrote.

The singer cited himself as an example, saying that he often travels to America, but never came back with an accent. He maintained that his accent has never changed.

“I go to America every other week, it ain’t nothing to me and my accent stays the same. I’m African. What’s your excuse?”

Meanwhile, a few months ago Speedy also took to Instagram to slam those who he said are jealous of his success.

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“It’s funny how some people get mad when they can’t come and live lavish with you. There are people who die inside every time they catch a glimpse of your happiness. There will always be people that try to block or stop your music from being heard, simply because they are scared and never expected you to still be this consistent, it’s called jealousy,” he wrote.

Apparently, the musician doesn’t shy away from tackling anyone who gets on his nerves.