Nzimande Proclaims Malema ‘a Hypocrite of the Worst Order’


Higher Education and Training Minister, Blade Nzimande has crowned the Fighter’s Commander-in-Chief, Julius Sello Malema South Africa’s ‘hypocrite of the worst order’.

Mr Nzimande was updating reporters about the fees protests in the nation’s higher institution of learning when he handed Juju the title.

The Minister said Malema’s call for students to intensify their agitation for free education only shows that he’s a high-ranking member of the world’s hypocrites.

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“He has just graduated”, said Nzimande. “It’s very unfortunate for the leader of the EFF. I really don’t want to talk about him because he is a hypocrite of the worst order.

“All of them, some of them, are doing PHDs but they want the children of the poor, who they claim to be speaking for, not to get education by collapsing the universities,

“Who is going to benefit by collapsing the universities? The people who are going to lose most are the children of the poor people.

“I don’t want to talk to him because he is a hypocrite and he is the worst opportunist who actually doesn’t do what he asks others to do,” remarked the Minister.

Thereafter, Nzimande argued that free education doesn’t exist anywhere.

“In other countries it’s the taxpayers who actually pay. In South Africa it’s the taxpayers who gives your money upfront and then say when you are working, bring it back in order to assist others. Strictly speaking, somebody is paying.

…It’s the taxpayers who paid for it this year. Next year again it’s going to be the taxpayers who pay for it. So we must understand these slogans properly,” he said.

To the Minister, South Africa is a poor country and, it’s ideal that students who received assistance through initiatives like NSFAS, pay back the money.

In line with that, he proclaimed that government have assisted numerous poor students through the NSFAS.

He said: “NSFAS has supported…2.6 million students who overwhelmingly come from families who had never set foot in a college or university. I have no doubt the NSFAS is possibly the single most contributor to the building of a black middle class. Those are kids who otherwise would not have accessed university or college education.”

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With that, the Minister charged South Africans not to forget how summer feels like when it’s winter.

According to him, South Africans tend to forget how much government has done to provide university education for children from poor families.

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