South Africans Say Life Before The Emergence Of ANC Was Better


With the economic and political crisis faced by the South African citizens, the ruling ANC seems to be losing its political hold on South Africans in the recent times. Report findings has it that most South Africans believe that life was better before the ANC government took over as against a fewer number who think life has improved since 1994.

Following the 2015 Afrobarometer survey’s public opinion data, South African citizens rate the current political system more highly than apartheid but insist that life was better before ANC.

Through its interview of 2,400 adult South Africans in August and September 2015, the research team led by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) and Plus 94 Research, gathered that majority of South Africans believe that the country has failed to improve on its socioeconomic standards with safety, economic circumstances, employment opportunities, racial relations, and disparities between rich and poor being the main bone of contention.

The report further stated that a large percentage of respondents see improvement in race relations (52%), safety (42%), economic circumstances (41%), and employment (30%) but only 17% perceive an improvement in differences between the rich and the poor.

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Looking at the data presented by the research theme, 39% black citizens among racial groups are the most likely to say that conditions have improved since 1994, followed by Coloured (33%) and white (29%) respondents. But just 16% of Indian respondents believe so.

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It is however not surprising to see that from the little percentage of those claiming that improvement has been made, a greater number came from supporters of ANC as against  its main opposition the DA.

Closely related to that of the ANC’s ratings is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s 38% supporters who believe the country’s improvement.

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In sum, the report noted that an average of about 37% of the South African citizens believe that socioeconomic conditions are “better” or “much better” than in 1994, while a larger number of about 62% say the situation have either remained stagnant or deteriorated.

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However, despite all discontent over the current state of South African society, South Africans are said to be attached to their national identity.

When asked for their opinion on national unity, the report stated that a very large number believe that “it is desirable to create one united South African nation out of all the different groups who live in this country.” Though a fewer percentage believe in the possibility to do so.

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