South African Politician Awards: EFF Thinks It’s All About Glorifying Corruption


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejected the South African Politician Awards (SAPAs), called on all South Africans to boycott them and their processes, and insinuated that the essence of the awards among other things, is to glorify corruption.

As learnt, the intent of the South African Politician Awards was to take public nominations for several categories and award politicians for the duties they perform.

Asserting that the categories for nominations range from “things as pathetic” as best dresser to politician of the year, the EFF expressed that political personalities from lazy Members of Parliament to corrupt members of cabinet have already lined up for the contest.

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To the Fighters, the South African Politician Awards is “deeply dangerous” for South Africa’s democracy because politicians in the country are already egomaniacs.

“In our country, half the time, politicians go on with their lives in ways that are arrogant, self-centered and self-serving. The SAPAs are thus an addition to general decay and an environment infested with empty egos.

The values that drive our democracy must be grounded in absolute selflessness. We ought to inculcate the idea that the only award a public representative must have is the mandate of the people and total service of their interests.

Politicians are not celebrities and must never lead their affairs as seeking after celebrity status, self promoting and self-celebratory,” argued the Fighters.

With the above, Malema’s party proclaimed that it will never cheapen its revolution by turning it into a celebrity contest.

The party called on its activists throughout the country to never take personal glory for any victories of the revolutionary.

(You) must at all times be defined by selflessness and never seeking after any personal glory from the revolution,” EFF instructed.

The Fighters further argued that the SAPAs will inflate “the culture of the cult of personality” in South Africa.

“Politicians will everywhere use media platforms to promote worshipful images of themselves so they can be given awards.

“The only awards politicians must be interested in, in a democracy are the elections. We reject the SAPAs and call on all conscious South Africans to boycott them completely,” EFF reiterated.

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Meanwhile, BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the City of Cape Town distanced itself from the awards scheduled to take place in the city on the 11th of next month.

From our gatherings, the City’s spokeswoman Priya Reddy disassociated the City from the event after an advert of the awards captured the City’s logo saying it’s the host city.

Reddy was quoted to have said: “the City of Cape Town can confirm that it has no association with this event and neither are we supporting it in any way. We will investigate the unauthorized use of the city’s branding “

In response to Reddy’s remark, the event organizer (Ngavu Enterprises) indicated that it will be writing a formal apology letter to the City of Cape Town.

South Africa’s ruling party also distanced itself from the awards saying the greatest honor for the party is when it is elected to lead.

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