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The long awaited South African municipal elections 2016 has finally taken place 5 years after the last local election which was held in 2011. This election is highly significant in the history of South Africa not only because it involves all districts and local municipalities within the 9 provinces but it also channels the direction of the upcoming presidential election. The turn out of voters in 2016 is 62% against 55% in 2011.

Follow the details of this election which will elect not only the mayors of the local municipalities to office but also the members of the local municipal, metropolitan and district councils.

2016 South African Municipal Election Results – Live Updates

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22:00 IEC has declared the 2016 local elections free, fair and officially over. ANC earning their most votes in the City of Johannesburg. With this, ANC needs 15 extra seats to form a 50%+1 majority government, while the DA will need 32 seats.

21: 10 The City of Johannesburg’s result is finally out and ANC has won the highest number of seats with 44% of the vote. ANC won 121 seats, the DA received won 104.

The EFF received 30, which amounts to 11.11%.

19:05 President Zuma’s election speech: “I wish to extend a word of gratitude to the millions of South Africans who went out to vote, some in difficult weather conditions.

“Let me also extend our collective gratitude to the IEC.

“The commissioners and IEC staff worked long hours and delivered an efficient and fair elections yet again.

“These elections were hotly contested with competing parties passionately arguing their points of view to win over the electorate.

“That is how it should be in a democracy.”

12:57 Tshwane’s vote has been fully counted and the DA won 93 out of 214 seats in the metro with 43.58% of the total votes and ANC won 89 seats with 41.66% of the total votes counted.

The EFF is well postioned to be kingmakers in this hung election with 25 PR seats and 11.68% of the seats won

10:37 Maimane: Ekurhuleni DA grew to 42%; ANC down from 61%-48%. Negotiating and if opportunity to govern there, will do

09:41 Victory for the ANC in KZN. 100% vote count completed, 57,48% support for ANC, 36 councils & 995 seats

[06/08/2016] 07:00 The IEC will officially announce the ElectionResults for the local government at 6pm today

22: 57 Expropriation Of ‘Stolen’ Land Tops EFF Coalition Conditions

22:20 Limpopo 100% VDs declared: ANC 68.75% (80.59% in 2011), EFF 16.72%, DA 8.06% (6.52% in 2011)


19:10 vote counting is almost over in KwaZulu-Natal

17:59 Maimane announces that DA has won Tshwane (based on projections)

16:02 Malema; ‘I’m not desperate to be anything, anywhere. We’re building this thing from the ground. Cruising nicely’

15:47 Malema; ‘DA must tell me, how does African child benefit from this coalition? If African child doesn’t benefit, no deal!

15:19 2016 Election Is Purely An Anti-Zuma Vote’ – Habib. Click here to see why

14:49 The DA is leading in Johannesburg and Tshwane after 80% of the Gauteng votes have been counted

In Johannesburg, after capturing 73% of the votes, the result was standing at: DA – 41.77%, ANC – 41.74%

In Tshwane, after capturing 74% of the votes, these are the results: DA – 42.86%, ANC – 42.37%

14:24 Cyril Ramaphosa – Deputy president said the ANC will learn from its mistakes after it lost Nelson Mandela Bay to DA. He said: “We will listen very carefully – the local and silent messages – from our people. We are listening.

“We are not an arrogant party.”

14:19 Interesting result in Metsimaholo (Sasolburg) ANC 19 (26) DA 12 (15) EFF 8 Metsimaholo Community Assoc.2 VF+ 1 (1). 42 seats

13: 39 Negotiations will be taking place to see who governs the metro with a 50%+1 majority.

The results will also be officially declared on Saturday afternoon.

13: 22 So Nelson Mandela Bay result is concluded. Result stands at DA 46.5% and ANC 41.6%

12:40 On a lighter note: During the 2014 general elections, President Jacob Zuma proclaimed that the ANC would rule “until Jesus returns”.

12:02 Click to read>> ANC Accepts Defeat In Nelson Mandela Baywithdraws complaint to the IEC regarding irregularities and piles of marked ballot papers found

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