South African Cartoonist Zapiro Overestimated The People’s Sense Of Humour


South African cartoonist Zapiro who has faced a lot of criticism over one his recent works of art says he gave the South African public too much credit.

Apparently, he overestimated the people’s sense of humour by thinking they would understand the actual meaning of a cartoon where he depicted National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Shaun Abrahams as a monkey being controlled by Zuma.

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As revealed in the cartoon, NPA head Abrahams is pictured as a monkey dancing to a tune being played by the President.

South African Cartoonist Zapiro

This attracted a lot of comments for and against the drawing, while some called it racist.

However, the cartoonist says that it was never  his intention to create hurtful images that may be viewed as racist.

He also expressed his confusion over the public outrage at this particular drawing, considering the fact that he has drawn similar cartoons before without attracting this much criticism from the public.

He added that he now sees the need to review his methods following the strong negative reaction that engulfed his latest work.

“If the negative associations and connotations is more powerful and is doing more damage than the positive of the political message that I’m trying to get across, then it’s a mistake and I will definitely reassess.”

Meanwhile, Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has on Monday warned that he would take a decisive action against a Gauteng school that added a cartoon of President Zuma by South African Cartoonist Zapiro into class work and asked learners to comment on it.

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The school assignment shows questions about a Zapiro cartoon depicting President Jacob Zuma drifting in
a pool of cash.

Lesufi posted a copy of the question paper on Facebook with the Zapiro cartoon, promising not to let the school go unpunished.