South Africa Is Rotten To The Core But The Country Will Burn If ANC Loses Power – Corne Mulder


Speaking at the Cape Town Press Club, the Freedom Front (FF) Plus parliamentary Chief Whip Corne Mulder stated that the country is damaged beyond comprehension, but then related that voting out the ANC as the ruling party will be disastrous to the country as the ANC cannot relegate to being an opposition party without wrecking havoc.

Corne Mulder who was speaking on the topic “President for a day”, related that it’s surprising that the government had guts enough to expect taxpayers to continue sponsoring their squandering and lavish leadership that has left South Africa rotten.  

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“The nation is “rotten to the core. You can sense the nauseating smell of corruption, nepotism, lawlessness and disrespect for the judiciary. Denial has become a leitmotif of a government that is incapable or unwilling to exercise its responsibility to rule in a just and fair manner on behalf of all its citizens,” Mulder said.

Explaining how he’ll work to better South Africa if given the chance to be President, Mulder disclosed that he’ll dedicate his administration towards enhancing national building and social cohesion through the creation of a department that will focus on resolving minority issues.

Acknowledging that the nation’s apartheid history is impeding its advancement, the FF Plus parliamentary Chief Whip inquired – “where does one start to build a new future in a country that was once called a rainbow nation? A land of milk and honey that is now scraping the barrel. Let bygones be bygones. Apartheid is dead, already [for] two decades,” Mulder declared.

Emphasizing that nation building will only be possible when everyone “stops playing lip service to the slogan ‘united in our diversity’,” Mulder pointed out that South Africa will still be troubled even if the ANC is dethroned as ruling party.

According to him, if the opposition parties form a coalition and make of the ANC the opposing party, “the next day, the country would be burning. I don’t see the ANC ever respecting that kind of arrangement,” he stated.

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