‘Law Complicates Things, Lets Solve African Problems In An African Way’ – Zuma


President, Jacob Zuma opined that African problems should be solved the African way to avoid the complications that emanate from attempts to solve African problems legally.

The President was speaking at a gathering where he met with traditional leaders during a sitting of the National House of Traditional Leaders in Tshwane. To discuss the challenges the leaders are facing, warned against depending on the law alone in solving problems.

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“I’ll be very happy that we solve the African problems in the African way because if we solve them only legally, they become too complicated. Law looks at one side only, they don’t look at any other thing,” asserted the President.

He further spoke in parable stating thus: “They deal with cold facts and I was complaining [about] that, but they’re dealing with warm bodies. That’s the contradiction.”

Meanwhile, the traditional leaders complained that the structures of the government have shut them out from helping to develop their localities. And that communities are not benefiting from the operations of certain companies in the communities.

Speaking, Madoda Zibi told Zuma that “there is a lack of funding from the fiscal but there is a lot of expectations for traditional leaders to perform on issues of service delivery.

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We do understand that municipalities are capable of providing services but traditional leaders have proved in the past that they can deliver schools and clinics in their areas,” Zibi argued.

He criticized the ‘disrespectful’ behavior of councils towards traditional leaders in communities. And declared that the leaders “would like to become equal partners instead of being passengers.”

Responding, the President thanked the traditional leaders for their initiative. “I hope you will continue to do so and continue to do something when you find those in need. The matters of funding and finance are always debated because it’s the root of everything we do. I’m sure these matters have been noted and I’m sure they will be followed,” Zuma promised.

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