What Solidarity Union Has To Say About Saps Quota System


Trade Union Solidarity expressed their opinion that a Saps quota system used within the South African Police Service targeted at increasing the number of  blacks appointed at senior level is very unconstitutional. This is so because it denies the white and coloured officers their constitutional right to rise to certain positions in the force.

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There was a report published on the media about an internal police document with details of representative guidelines for the appointment of senior officers in the Western Cape.

However, provincial police management insists that final decisions have not been taken on the plan.

But, a member of the solidarity Anton Van der Bijl says they have been notified about the letter by some of their members who serve within the Saps.

The document in question was allegedly signed off by the division commissioner for personnel management last month.

In the letter are suggestions for a drastic increase in the number of black appointments to the senior positions like Admin Clerk, Captain, Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel until the end of the 2016/17 financial year. This Saps quota system plans to shift South Africans who are not entirely black to the background to allow the blacks dominate the Saps.

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According to Van der Bijl the solidarity has already taken the matter to the Labour Court for further investigation and ruling. The union thinks that the Saps Quota system is a rather rigid one which infringes on the rights of the citizens of the country.

“We argue that that’s a pre-rigid quota system, so we’ve argued that in the Labour Court and to say the same legal principle needs to be applicable.”

Meanwhile, the national police department has not commented on the issue yet.