US Singer Solange Knowles Applauds Pretoria High School Girls’ Struggles


American singer Solange Knowles has pledged support for our girls at Pretoria High School. Her support was not entirely a surprise as the singer has always been a fan and member of the natural hair community.

The girls have garnered thousands of messages of support from concerned citizens. Apparently, their cries touched the hearts of other black women across the world.

The school made the headlines over the weekend after students protested to an obnoxious code of conduct. According to the students, black pupils were allegedly told to “straighten” their hair as an acceptable way of dressing.

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Thus, the students staged protests against the school’s hair policy. Their protests spread across social media, making the #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh hashtag a trending topic on Twitter. Both local and international personalities have thrown in a word of support for the girls.

Similarly, singer Solange Knowles, sister to US pop star Beyonce Knowles, added her voice to the cause. Solange sent a special shout out to one of the students, commending her efforts.

13-year-old student Zulaikha Patel, who has largely become the face of the movement received a personal shout out from Solange. The singer labelled Zulaikha as “rad,” before urging her to continue with her “bad self”.

Meanwhile, Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has since suspended with immediate effect, the section of the Pretoria Girls High School code of conduct that deals with hair.

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TV stars Manaka Ranaka and Samkelo Ndlovu were among the local celebs who also joined the movement. They took to social media to relive similar experiences they encountered as students. Manaka actually manged to get her school to adjust the policies through her activities as the SRC president. It wasn’t easy, but she did it. Now she’s full of encouragement for these girls who are fighting the same battle.