Smash-And-Grab Suspect Shot Dead By Cape Town Female Motorist


The Cape Town Metro Police have confirmed that a smash-and-grab suspect has been shot dead by a female motorist on Monday in Bonteheuwel, the City of Cape Town.

Deputy Chief Yolande Faro in a statement said the incident was believed to have taken place at 14:10.

“It is alleged that the deceased had smashed the car’s window and the woman driver shot him,” police said.

The motorist then drove straight to the Bishop Lavis police station, where Metro officers found her at 15:25.

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The female motorist could not be questioned for further details due to the shock and trauma she had been through since the incident.

“The motorist shot the perpetrator and he was fatally wounded. She [the motorist] is receiving trauma counselling.”

“She is extremely shocked and traumatized and is currently receiving trauma counselling before she can be questioned,” Faro said.

The crime scene is a well-known notorious spot for smash-and-grab perpetrators. The police are well aware of this fact and that was why the City had regular patrols along this strip.

“The motorist was located at the Mitchells Plain Police Station and we’ve got the police on the scene.”

To prove what really transpired between the motorist and the alleged smash-and-grabber is a recording caught on the City’s surveillance camera, Faro added.

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Other regular spots for smash-and-grabs are Jakes Gerwel Drive, Military Road in Steenberg, Stock Road and the R300 in Mitchells Plain.

At least 190 smash-and-grab incidents were reported on Jakes Gerwel Drive before the end of 2015.

In December 2015, law enforcement officials in the City of Cape Town advised motorists to keep their valuables out of sight when stopping at traffic lights in the areas prone to dangerous smash-and-grabs.