Skolopad Vs Zodwa Wabantu: Who Turned The Most Heads At The Feather Awards?


Skolopad and Zodwa Wabantu are arguably two of the most provocative stars in the country presently who also stole the shine on the 2017 Feather Awards pink carpet.

Local celebs gathered at Kyalami’s Theatre on The Track on Thursday to celebrate the 9th annual awards show. While the pink carpet was flooded with different kinds of outstanding outfits, Skolopad and Zodwa decided to take theirs to a whole new level.

We all remember Skolopad as the woman in the crazy yellow dress at the South African Music Awards earlier this year. Over time, the entertainer, musician and professional nurse has made sure she has all the attention at any event she attends by dressing up in extraordinary outfits and last night was no different.


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Skolopad rocked the Feather Awards pink carpet on Thursday night dressed in a transparent plastic dress draped in boerewors. The strategically placed boerewors covered her private parts and the dress had a tutu sewn onto the back. To compliment her out-of-this-world attire, Skolopad carried a bag of charcoal in place of a handbag.


Apparently, she didn’t go through all that trouble without a reason. When asked about the inspiration behind the outfit, the racy dancer explained that she wanted to make it clear that she does not like beef because most people like beef (referring to her supposed feud with Zodwa). Thus, she opted for wors because she feels it’s easy to braai. Besides, her charcoal is all ready to start burning. And oh, she even brought her own braai stand (see picture below).


Another head-turner on the pink carpet was Zodwa Wabantu who didn’t forget to not wear an underwear underneath her high-hip slit emerald lace dress. While the dress left little to the imagination, the provocative dancer didn’t hesitate in throwing the material around as the cameras clicked away.


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“Since I’m nominated for Drama Queen of the Year maybe I will cause some drama tonight. But I want to win both the categories,” she said.


By the time the winners were announced, it was Zodwa who scooped the title, beating her rival Skolopad to it. However, businesswoman Basetsana Kumalo, snatched the Socialite of the Year from the duo.