The Entire Leadership Of The ANC Has Messed Up – Sipho Pityana


Remember the ANC senior member who recently labeled Mr President a ‘full-time thief and looter’? He’s called for the President to be removed from office trash-talking the entire leadership of ANC for sustaining Zuma as President.

The former foreign affairs director-general said the ANC leadership has normalized President Zuma’s corruption by failing to act against him.

Sipho Pityana told City Press that he has taken up a duty to urge ANC into pressuring Zuma to step down as the leader of South Africa.

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Mr Pityana pointed out that he don’t belong to any ANC faction, and is just concerned that the country is being led by such kind of leader they don’t deserve.

“I have an independent mind. I do not fit into any faction. That is why I have the liberty to say the entire leadership of the ANC has messed up.

My biggest disappointment is when there is a motion of no confidence in the president as a result of his violating the Constitution, the ANC votes against it.

But then, the ANC does not say what the appropriate sanction is for someone who transgresses his office.

This conveys the message to society that it is an organisation that is happy to have a leader who lacks integrity, who is capable of using state resources for personal benefit and who cannot be trusted.

That means the image of the character of the president begins to be what the ANC stands for. That is a huge problem,” Pityana stated.

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Adding that President Zuma’s leadership enthroned corruption in South Africa, Pityana asserted that it’s evil to urge Zuma to keep leading South Africa.

“…When things go well, it is his legacy; when things go bad, it is his fault. There is a duty to urge the ANC to put pressure on Zuma to step down. We have to remind all in society that this is not a leader we deserve, even if the ANC thinks so.

The Constitution of the country provides for the impeachment of the president, and I cannot imagine a more compelling reason to have the president impeached than his violation of the Constitution and his failure to honor his oath of office.

If you can’t impeach him for that, then there can never be another reason to impeach him,” Pityana added.

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