Singer Simphiwe Dana Makes A Wake Up Call As DA Sweeps Votes


Xhosa singer and songwriter Simphiwe Dana took a took a swipe at the ruling party following an upsurge of support for the Democratic Alliance (DA).

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As shown in the local government elections results streaming in on Thursday morning‚ the DA is giving the ANC a hot chase.

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Thus, Simphiwe Dana grabbed the opportunity and took to social media to throw shades.

The Afropop singer posted series of tweets on Thursday‚ making reference to the results as they were gradually unfolding.

With all the votes counted and vetted by the IEC in Midvaal, the DA has maintained an improved majority. The party won with 60% to the ANC’s 32%; while the EFF came in with 5%.

The result shows that the DA improved compared to its 2011 performance while the ANC recorded a huge loss in supporters.

Meanwhile, at 8.49am on Thursday‚ the DA was leading in the Western Cape with 64.67% of the vote‚ while the ANC had a meagre 24.41%.

Also, in Gauteng, the DA swept 43.66% of votes cast ahead of the ANC which was able to get up to 41.94%.

In the meantime, Twitter users are having a field day with the hashtag #IfDAWins to poke fun at the Democratic Alliance (DA).

The fact that the DA is hot on the heels of the ruling party (ANC) appears to be a cause for alarm for some people.

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Thus, some Twitter users have come up with the hashtag #IfDAWins followed by some unspeakable things they feel will happen.

It seems some people are already apprehensive of what the final results may bring. Though the results in many wards have not been finalized, Twitter users are already scared of the DA claiming many wards across the country.