Watch: US Singer Janet Jackson Reveals Details About Her Divorce


After a few weeks of hogging the headlines due to the speculation that she’s getting a divorce from her third husband, actress, songwriter and singer Janet Jackson has set the record straight.

In a video she posted on her Instagram page, the pop star confirmed that her five years of marriage to Qatari billionaire Wissam al-Mana has ended.

In the video, Janet joked about putting on extra weight after giving birth to their son Eissa in January.

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With much admiration, she spoke about their bundle of joy being very happy and healthy. “But I thank God‚ I thank God for him‚ you guys. He is so healthy‚ so beautiful‚ so sweet‚ so loving‚ such a happy baby,” she said so lovingly.

US Singer Janet Jackson

She also told her more that one million fans from across the globe that she’s currently in court with her husband.

“This message was supposed to be about something else‚ but I’ll get to that in a minute. I just want to keep it real with you guys for a second. Yes, I separated from my husband. We are in court and the rest is in God’s hands,” she said.

However, she didn’t dwell on that for long as she had an important announcement to make.

Speaking on “that something else,” US singer Janet Jackson confirmed that she would be back on tour soon just as she promised. She said she’s overly excited about this and can’t wait.

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Janet’s split from her third husband comes three months after the couple welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Eissa Al Mana. Eissa was born on 3 January 2017.

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Consequently, the baby boy will reportedly stay with his mother who is based in London.

According to reports, their marriage came to an end after they recently agreed that things weren’t working out. As a result, they decided to pull the plug on their marriage.