6 Rules For Aspiring Actors On How To Handle Fame By Shona Ferguson


Earlier this week, actor Shona Ferguson dropped a few tips for aspiring actors and actresses on how to deal with the fame when it finally comes.

Ferguson is one of the lead actors on the Mzansi Magic telenovella The Queen.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the co-founder of TV and Film production house Ferguson Films educated aspiring and newly discovered actors and actresses. He broke the lessons down into six steps to drive it home.

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He called them “rules” which hammered on being professional at all times and most importantly, not allowing the fame to go to your head.

In addition, he urged emerging actors to always respect the crew as well as the writers.

Here are some of the actor’s rules for aspiring actors and actresses;

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It’s important to always maintain your professionalism if you want to make it in the industry. However, don’t be too serious as it might push people way from you.

And before you start seeing yourself as indispensable, remember that as an actor, you can never be bigger than the show. You can be kicked out and the show would still go on like you were never there.

Thus, don’t let the fame take over your sense of reasoning.

Again, beware of the social media. It has the ability to make or mar your career.

Also, don’t look down on the crew because you think you are now a star. They have the platform to ruin your career too.

Know your limits and don’t cross the lines.

The emphasis here is very clear. guess it’s very important. Aspirants take note!

Fans applauded Shona Ferguson for sharing the tips from his experience in the industry.