Shocking! Dead Frog Discovered In Woolworths Salad


A Woolworths customer; Dirk Steenekamp made what could be regarded as a very unexpected but disturbing discovery. He found a dead frog in his plate of italian salad which he bought from Woolworths. He posted the picture of the dead frog on Instagram and shared it on Twitter.

Dirk Steenekamp has made it clear that he would “never again” shop at the retail chain, to avoid winding up with something more deadly than a frog in the future.

In response to this incident, Woolworths has released a press statement and had said that “Although Mr Steenekamp’s experience is exceptionally rare, we are very concerned about this incident.”

“We do use pesticides sparingly, to ensure to that our fresh produce is grown in a healthy environment, that also preserves biodiversity”.

A dead frog found in Woolworths salad. Picture by: Dirk Steenekamp ‏@Dirk_Steenekamp.
A dead frog found in Woolworths salad. Picture by: Dirk Steenekamp ‏@Dirk_Steenekamp.

The statement also stated that “A healthy farm attracts insects, frogs, birds… and it may well be that the frog slipped through our extensive quality checks undetected”.

Despite Woolworth’s explanation, the picture has been trending on twitter with mixed reactions while many people have perceived it as a case of sabotage like Milase Mzambo who tweeted in support: “Woolworths still leads the market in quality products. Frogs or no frogs, that would be the healthiest frog in a packet” and another twitter user said “The frog in the salad proves it’s fresh and organic”.

Another shopper’s opinion is that bad quality control allowed this to happen and that ordinarily, their quality is exceptional – mistakes will happen though.

One can never be too careful as incidences like this do happen once in a while and can negatively affect a customer’s shopping experience like the discovery of horse meat in processed beef products which affected UK’s Tesco (the largest retailer in the United kingdom).

Nevertheless, what is your take on this? Is it a matter of lowering standards of quality and hygiene or a case of sabotage? Share your comments and opinion on our Facebook page.

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