Sergeant Mathonsi: Hawks Arrest Member Helping Drug Dealers


Information culled from the South African Police Service (SAPS) has it that Hawks arrested their own – Sergeant Mathonsi – for defeating the ends of justice.

Sergeant Leonard Mathonsi (38) was arrested yesterday by Hawks’ Serious Corruption Unit members in Germiston for defeating the ends of justice.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that Mathonsi arrest follows a case dockets inspection which was conducted in February 2017.

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The inspection revealed that Sergeant Mathonsi did not sign or affirm his statement as the complainant on one of the drug-related cases registered in October 2015.

“His commanders requested him to furnish them with his signature, instead he denied writing the statement and tore it.

“However, the suspects on that drug-related case were released and the case was then withdrawn from court due to lack of evidence,” SAPS related.

SAPS further related that a warrant of arrest was thereafter, issued for Sgt Mathonsi to be arrested for contravening Schedule 1 of the Criminal Procedure Act, Act 51 of 1977.

With that, Sergeant Mathonsi was dragged before the Germiston Magistrates Court with charges of defeating the ends of justice.

Nonetheless, the case was postponed to 26 July 2017 for further investigation. He was released on a warning.

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Meanwhile, SAPS wants South Africans to know that drugs only make life tougher.

“When you feel that you cannot cope with life’s challenges, you may feel tempted to take a drug to make you feel vibrant and confident, or to change your sense of reality – even if only for a short while.

“Instant gratification, a sense of peace, a wonderful trip, or a feeling of power – all these things you are promised by those who offer you drugs. Such persons often describe the effects of drugs in glowing terms. But they do not tell you:

  • that you cannot control your response to a drug; €
  • what a drug contains; €
  • the more you like a drug, the more you will want it and that you will eventually become addicted; €
  • when the drug wears off, reality will still be there with all the problems from which you were trying to escape;
  • uppers make you need downers and a combination of the two can kill you;
  • and € drugs let you lose control, which, in turn, makes you –
    • lose the ability to do certain things (for instance, to drive your car);
    • and become more vulnerable to sexual or physical assault.”

Taking drugs takes your life, SAPS stressed.