Integrity At Its Peak! Senzo Mchunu Throws Back Top Post To The ANC


Former KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu has refused to be redeployed to the National Assembly as an MP after the African National Congress (ANC) offered him the top position.

Embittered Mchunu, who vowed to rather go hungry than allow his reputation to remain tarnished opened up about the jaw-dropping offer while speaking from his Mpangeni home on the north coast of KZN on Friday evening.

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The former premier was humiliated by the ANC in May; when he was asked to step down from his position after he lost the party’s provincial chairmanship position to Sihle Zikalala late last year.

Prior to his dismissal, KZN ANC leaders reportedly accused Mchunu of wastefully increasing the number of staff in the premier’s office from 300 to 500; and interfering in the programmes of some MECs. Other accusations were also leveled against him.

But Mchunu denied the allegations. He rather accused the provincial leadership of masterminding his dismissal; following their visit to Luthuli House – where they “slandered” him before the national leaders.

Senzo Mchunu Wants ANC To Clear His Name

Mchunu also slammed the national leadership for not giving him an opportunity to defend himself, insisting that “Even President [Jacob] Zuma and some in the top six do not know the full story.”

The former premier reiterated that he would not accept the re-deployment offer until the ANC national executive committee hears his side of the story.

“My issue here as well as when the national leadership received this presentation, the principle of hearing the other side was never adhered to which the national leadership, in my opinion, was obliged to stick or to adhere to which never happened.

Even if it calls for a situation where I will seat here in hunger but as long as my integrity is intact rather than going to the National Assembly to fill up my stomach but empty in terms of integrity,” Mchunu insisted.

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He insisted that the ANC must clear his name because his dismissal was a public matter – moreover, he argued that if he takes up the job without integrity; he would remain an honourable member without any honour “because I leave back home a string of wrongdoings of which I’m now being accused.”

Senzo Mchunu promised to wait for a lifetime to clear his name before he takes up the post because he believes the ANC is the bearer of justice and fairness.

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