See What Happens When You Interrupt Mating Tortoises


Considering the long white sandy beach found on the eastern part of Assumption Island, the crystalline waters of the beach, the varieties of marine life, recent lease of the Island to India for tourism and ‘The Silent World‘ documentary which was said to be partly inspired by the Island, the Assumption Island has a good number of reasons to be popular.

However, the Island decided recently to remind the world of its peculiarity by illustrating what is now widely regarded as the world’s slowest hot chase.

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As reported, Paul Rose the leader of a National Geographic Scientific exploration team was leisurely exploring the vicinity of Assumption Island with his team seeking to make an interesting documentation. Luck was apparently with Paul and his team when they decided to investigate the source of a loud and unusual noise coming from the bushes some distance away.

mating totsThe “blowing and huffing” noise happened to be the ecstatic emotional expressions of a male and of course female Aldabra giant tortoise copulating. While excited to document the encounter, Paul’s film producer Niel Gelinas arranged his camera to get rolling. They never imagined it will stir an angry reaction from the male tortoise who was obviously unhappy with the way Paul and his team were spying on them.

Tortoise 1Paul Narrated that “the gigantic male (which can weigh up to 660 pounds—and this one was very close to that weight), spotted or smelled us and, with a look and an attitude that we can all understand, came over to exert his rights to the female, his bit of the island, and some privacy…I assumed that he would get close and then back off…But there was absolutely no stopping him—he got close, very close, close enough that his snorting and spitting plus the look in his enraged eyes above his snapping powerful beak made us retreat in a panic.”

Aldabra Giant Tortoise Front Foot

Despite backing off, the giant tortoise kept up with the slow chase evidently eager to teach Paul a lesson or two on how to respect and not spy, invade or interrupt a mating session. Watch the video footage below.

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