Thulsie Twins Case: ‘Be Careful Not To Anger The Islamic States, Analyst Warns


South African government has been issued a stern warning from Security Analyst, to tread carefully while dealing with the Thulsie twins’ case as this could affect how Islamic extremists view the country.

A security analyst issued out this warning saying government should not give room for the Islamic extremists to conclude that ‘Islam is on trial’ adding that both the Islamic State (IS) and the Muslim community would be paying very close attention to this case, given the media attention it has been receiving.

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The Thulsie twins, Brandon-Lee and Toni-Lee Thulsie were accused of plotting to leave South Africa twice to join thousands of migrants in Syria who entered the war-torn country under the organisation’s instructions and for allegedly subsequently plotting to perform terrorist attacks in South Africa.

The 23-year-old twins who have since acquired the services of Czech mobster Radovan Krecjir’s lawyer Annelene van den Heever, are expected to appear again today in the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court for their bail hearing

The Thulsie twins, alongside few others were arrested after their home in Newclare, Johannesburg, was raided and several weapons and artillery were found in their possession.

Arrested with them are two young siblings during the same raid in Azaadville, Krugersdorp. They are being tried in a separate case at the Kagiso Magistrates’ Court, where they are expected to go on trial later this year.

To this, security Analyst and senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, Martin Ewi, said the SA government needs to keep religion, specifically Islam, out of the trial and focus on the laws they stand accused of breaking.

Ewi said this would play an important role in preventing the South African state from being viewed as having singled out the brothers because they were Muslim and, more importantly, it will help prevent other radicalized individuals from wanting to retaliate if the trial is perceived as a direct attack on Islam or the IS.

“People want to see justice being carried out, because if they don’t see justice, some might see this as a blatant attack on Islam.” Ewi said, adding that it might also spring up outcry from the Muslim community or even lead to attack by radicalized people acting on behalf of IS.

Laying much emphasis on the court’s judgement, Ewi said the court must make sure that the state is not seen as trying to put Islam as a religion in a bad light by appearing to use the twins’s religion against them.

“First, government has to remove religion from this case because it is not about Islam. They were not arrested for being Muslim. Once people feel that injustices have been done, that too could radicalize some people to go to the extent of actually carrying out the attacks.”

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He however noted that the government will have much to benefit if they are in good terms with the Islamic community especially in their plan to root out terrorism from the country and to him, to achieve this, government should not act against the religion.

“When the Islāmic State carries out bombings in Syria, there is a lot of talk, but when the United States bombs Syria, we don’t say anything; This kind of logic does not make sense.”

the Security analyst said that these were the kind of injustices that gave rise to radicalism in many countries.