Top 10 Biggest Badass Scandals That Rocked South Africa


Scandals happen everywhere right? As long as there are celebrities and important people, a scandal is almost unavoidable and South Africa has seen its fair share of scandals. Take a look at South Africa’s top sex scandals from small towns in the Free State all the way to the political scandals that gripped the country.

South Africa’s Badass Sex Scandals

Guateng Teachers Impregnate Students:

Late last year another sex scandal hit Guateng when it was discovered that the teachers at local high school demand sex from students in exchange for good scores. Their luck ran out eventually when two of the students who gave in to their demands ended up pregnant.

Apparently, this was not even the first as evidences began to surface about such activities where one even named the principal as one of the people who had been having affairs with students.

prenant school girl

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Rev. Ken Oyakhilome’s Adultery Scandal


After all of the messy divorce rumors about Pastor Chris and Anita, more crisis has hit christ embassy in South Africa when His younger brother Rev. ken was accused of fornication and adultery.

Rev. Ken, was alleged to have impregnated a South African lady (name withheld), a member of the Church in Randburg, Guateng, which is the headquarters of Christ Embassy, South Africa.

The Nigerian Times’s sources say the romance between Rev. Ken and the member was an open secret among members of the Church in South Africa and the alleged pregnancy of the lady was said to have ruffled feathers among the top echelons of church but was hushed in order to prevent a scandal. The lady, according to sources, aborted the child with the knowledge of leaders of the church. Like his elder brother, Rev. Ken has lived apart from his wife Pastor Ose for over ten years now.

Zwelinzima Vavi Rape Scandal

Vavi was accused of rape by a 26-year-old colleague, who claimed Vavi had offered her a job at COSATU without proper recruitment procedures. Vavi admitted that he did have a relationship with the accuser and that they have had sexual relations in one of COSATU offices in January 2013, but denies that he forced himself on the colleague, saying everything that happened between them was completely consensual

The accuser sent a letter to Vavi’s wife which stated: “This document serves as a written agreement that once my demands are met … I will solemnly swear not to divulge any information regarding this matter.”

Vavi was suspended as general secretary of COSATU.

He was only reinstated after the Johannesburg High Court set aside his suspension on April 4, 2014.

The Dina Pule Love Affair


The former communications minister Dina Pule got herself into a conflicting and tight corner when she tried to hide her love affair with a business man known as Phosane Mngqibisa.

It was said that she chose her boyfriend over the state when Public protector Thuli Madonsela painted a damning picture of nepotism and impropriety against the disgraced Dina Pule and her boyfriend, Phosane Mngqibisa.

The scandal included international trips, red Christian Louboutin shoes and missing millions.

Jacob Zuma Rape Scandal

In 2005, the then Vice President Jacob Zuma faced an allegation of rape which took him into the stands. He was accused of raping a woman who was a guest in his house. To make matters worse, it was discovered that he had been aware that the woman was HIV positive.

In a hilarious turn of events,  he admitted during the trial that he had unprotected sex with the woman but had a shower immediately after the encounter, to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

The media latched unto his comments and blew it out of proportions, and cartoonists made a mockery of him. Zuma was found not guilty of rape by the court in May 2006. A year later, his accuser was granted asylum in the Netherlands.

Jani Allan and Eugène Terre’Blanche

jani allan

In 1991, a rumor surfaced about the alleged affair between the liberal columnist Jani Allan and Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader Eugène Terre’Blanche.

It created a scandal that gripped the country and the British media. While insisting that the affair never happened, Allan took libel proceedings against the documentary broadcaster Channel 4 in 1992 for airing a program that claimed that the affair was true.

Linda Shaw, Allan’s former roommate, testified that while peering through the lock of her friend’s bedroom door, she identified the two, even though she couldn’t see their faces.

Another witness, the former AWB financial secretary Kays Smit said he recalled finding a drunken Terre’Blanche on Allan’s couch, wearing only green underpants with holes.

A tape was also shared with the Sunday Times of Terre’Blanche declaring his love for the journalist.The court ruled in favor of Channel 4 TV, but Allan still maintains the affair never happened.

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The Boesak Affairs

In 1984, Dominee Dr Allan Boesak was accused of having an affair with a white woman who was an employee of the South African Council of Churches. After much fuss, he fessed up to the accusations, calling the affair between himself and Journalist Ellen Botha, a ‘unique and special relationship’.

Boesak’s marriage came to an end when he had the nerve to confess to his wife that he was seeing the journalist.

He later divorced his wife in 1991 and married Botha.

Free State Sex Orgies

In Odendaalsrus in the Free State, another set of teens and even younger girls were found frolicking and having liquor induced fun with men, some of who are old enough to be their fathers. They were referred to as Lolitas (a teenage girl having sexual encounters with older men). This name was gotten from the novel Lolita as was written by Vladimir Nabokov.

It was discovered that there was a spot near the state library in the town where liberal acts of sex marathons and drunken orgies were taking place. Some of the girls were easily lured by mere offers of cigarette and liquor, while the rest will wholeheartedly without any enticing go for older men.

The scandal left the town dazed, after which a bunch of the men involved were reprimanded and asked to pay a R180 fine each or go to jail for 60 days. One of the convicted men said the court would have been too small to contain them if they had charged everyone involved.

According to the Sunday Times, it  stated that the town’s Dominee blamed video movies for the scandal saying ‘To my mind, video movies have played a larger role in corrupting the youth’.

Winter School Scandal

This is a typical case of a holiday gone all wrong . At an engineering winter school where aspiring engineer matric students spend their winter holiday school. But the schoolgirls and boys got a lot more than they bargained for when they were introduced to were exposed to excessive drinking into the early hours, seduction acts and partying all through the night.

Consequently, the was that two organizers who were also students but had the  responsibility for taking care of the school children were fined. the first was fined R360 for sleeping with a Matric girl but not making love to her, while the other was fined R70.

Sex Test for the Teens In Parys


The small town of Parys in the then Orange Free State was hit by a major scandal when it was discovered that eight grown men were having sexual relations with under-aged school children. This activities of the teens was uncovered when one of the teens who was just 14 wrote a letter to her man friend during her typing lesson and her teacher insisted on seeing what she had typed. In the letter, she confronted the man for cheating on her while she was away (quite mature).

After the discovery f the letter, One of the schoolgirls compiled a list of all the sexually active girls at the school and the school board went ahead to expel them. The men involved were convicted under the Immorality Act for having sex with minors.

Parents in the town feared their daughters would have to undergo virginity tests, but some of the girls seemed unrepentant as  one of the girls told the Sunday Times that things like this happened because there was nothing better to do in the town.

 Inter-Racial Sex Scandal in Excelsior

In Excelsior, a small town in the Free State, 5 men (leading citizens) were arrested for having sex with women of a different skin color, which under the Immoral Act was an offence. These men included the National Party Secretary and also the town councilor.  was among, though he shot himself after his release, the rest three are very rich farmers.

The case was later withdrawn when the court could not lay hold on any evidence and couldn’t force the women to come out with an evidence.

The chairman of the United Party, Michael Mitchell, told the Sunday Times that the case placed the state in a dilemma. He said that the public would revolt if African women were made to testify against white men and the then minister of Justice was encouraged to be careful in handling the case.

The scandal led to the lifting of the ban on inter-racial sex in 1985.

Ramphele and Steve Biko Love Affair


A scandal hit when Activist and politician Mamphela Ramphele released her autobiographies A Passion for Freedom and A Life where she writes extensively about her “triangular relationship” with Steve Biko, whom she met at the University of Natal Medical School in 1969.

According to the book,  Ramphele wrote that she found it difficult to resist Biko’s advances, and their consequent affair resulted in a love triangle between Biko, his wife Ntsiki Mashalaba, and Ramphele.

what made it such a scandal was not just the fact that Steve was married and Ramphele was in a serious long-standing relationship with Dick Mmabane, it was the fact that even though they had tried to keep it all hushed up so as not to hurt their spouses.

Ramphele had a child with Biko while he was still married at the time.

 The 12 Apostles Sex Club

A sex club at Stellenbosch University as far back as 1965  is still one of the most talked about sex scandals in South Africa. Maybe it is because at the time it happened, such things were not quite as rampant as they are today. The scandal revealed that 12 female students formed a ‘free love club’ known as the 12 Apostles.

The aim and vision that led to their forming this club was to engage in countless love affairs with male students. Each of the girls had a record book in which they had to keep an account of their sexual escapades so as to know who would have the highest point at the end.

The male students were placed in categories and given a rank based on their disciplines. So, the person you had sex with determines the amount of points you get. Doing it with a Theology student, you will be entitled to five points, and an affair with a medical student would fetch you four points. An engineering student would get two points, while an arts student earned only one point. The rest of the students are ignored because they do not quite measure up to get any points.

The club was eventually discovered and the girls were expelled from the school but obviously, people still can’t get enough of the story.

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