Video: Scandal Actor Kagiso Modupe Speaks Against Giving Back To Society


Scandal actor Kagiso Modupe seems to disagree with the widespread notion that celebrities are under some kind of obligation to always give back to the society.

People always believe that it is the responsibility of celebrities, to take time out of their busy schedules to venture into different causes, especially charity. Apparently, Kagiso doesn’t think so.

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In a video he shared on Instagram, the actor strongly objected to the stereotype of every celebrity being indebted to the society. The unwritten rule has implanted into peoples’ minds that celebs must be charitable. And if you are not living up to that expectation, they see you as a bad person.

Nevertheless, Kagiso explained that they should not be expected to give something they never received. According to the actor, you only give back when you have received, not when you must have worked your brains out to get where you are.

“Personally, I think there’s a misuse of the word: ‘Giving back to the community,'” he said in the video.

“I hear a lot of soccer players, artists, musicians [and] they will tell you that they hustled to get to where they are. And they were never supported by the community or government institutions to actually achieve their goals.”

In other words, Kagiso is of the view that the community should start investing in the youths. This is the only justification for “giving back to the community.”

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Most times, people fail to remember that celebrities are humans too. The truth is; they have to hustle like the rest of us to keep up the charade. This was what motivated scandal actor Kagiso Modupe to embark on a quest to change this stereotype.

He recently launched a social media series, where he plans to dish out the “truth” surrounding the lives of celebrities.