South Africa’s Dream Is Deferred Because OF Private Greed And Kleptocracy – Deputy Chief Justice


Deputy Chief Justice, Dikgang Moseneke said South Africa’s dream of being a great nation is being delayed by the private greed of politicians who exploit and steal national resources for themselves.

The Deputy Chief justice who addressed an audience at the launch of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s new exhibition, titled ‘My Constitution’, hinted that South Africa is yet to actualize her dream of being a great nation because the country is ruled by thieves.

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Speaking on the achievements and challenges of the post-apartheid Constitution which according to the Deputy Chief Justice, has the responsibility to hold the executive to account, Moseneke said it is disheartening that “some politicians have merged their private greed with their public obligations.”

According to him, that’s the sole reason the nation is retrogressing whereas it ought to be among the most progressive and successful nations serving as a model to be imitated by other under-developed nations.

He dismissed the insinuations that the widespread hardship in the country was engendered by the late former President, Nelson Mandela who allegedly sold out the country and compromised in his struggle against apartheid as baseless.  

“South Africa’s true challenge was not a paucity of vision or re-imagined political and social values,” Moseneke stated and explained that South Africa is dying because of poor leadership.

“Our dream is deferred, but only because those tasked with helping realise it have been fiddling. They have jettisoned the centuries old ideals for freedom, inclusivity and justice for kleptocracy and patronage,” the Deputy Chief Justice said.

Moseneke buttressed that the greedy politicians “chose to forget that the public purse derives from our joint contributions and is sacrosanct…They have forgotten that all public power derives from the people.

And (that) once given by the people, all power must be deployed exclusively to the benefit of the people and no one else. Power must be used lawfully and only to create a better life for all.

Mr Mandela and other great freedom fighters have not sold out. They laid down beginnings that leave you with the clear mission to change your world within the values of a great Constitution,” he argued.

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