SARS SCAM: How It’s Happening And How Not To Fall A Victim


A SARS scam has engulfed South Africa and, South Africans job seekers have been cautioned to be vigilant of the employment scam.

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) in a media statement, related that a SARS-branded e-mail is being circulated.

According to SARS, the e-mails are confirming acceptance of the recipient into a bogus SARS Learnership Programme.

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“The prospective applicant is then instructed to make a deposit of a ‘administrative fee’ into a Shoprite Money Market Service account for the application to be processed,” related the revenue service.

SARS added that the job scam is another form of a previous scam where individuals posing as SARS officials approach South Africans and notify them that they have been successfully employed by SARS and are required to buy uniforms and identity cards which are SARS-branded and appear authentic.

With the above, SARS reminded members of the public that it will never ask for a payment to be made into any other account.

“SARS does not endorse commercial venues. The public is also urged not to respond to e-mails from unknown sources. Any correspondence can be verified by contacting the SARS contact centre or the nearest SARS branch,” stressed the revenue service.

Thereafter, SARS offered the under-listed as how to avoid being a victim of the SARS scam.

  1. Verify any correspondence or personal identification cards by contacting the SARS contact centre or nearest branch.
  2. SARS officials are legally required to present a SARS identity card when interacting with taxpayers. Specific information on these cards can first be verified with the SARS contact centre or at a SARS branch.
  3. Do not make any immediate commitments or provide any personal information, including banking details except through direct contact with SARS contact centre or branch visit.
  4. SARS does not endorse commercial ventures, programmes, schemes and offers. The legitimacy of payment channels can be verified via the SARS contact centre or on the SARS website.
  5. The location and listing of all SARS offices and branches can be found on the SARS website.

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Above all, SARS reiterated that it will never request of taxpayers or the public their banking details in any communication. The revenue service called taxpayers concerned about emails or SMS messages claiming to be from SARS to: