‘I Didn’t Say That Late Kate Zuma Was My Sister’ – SARS Commissioner Moyane


SA Revenue Service Commissioner Tom Moyane says President Zuma’s late wife, Kate Mantsho was a just family sister, not his relative. Lots of speculations were made last week after SARS commissioner Moyane claimed that Zuma’s late wife, Kate Mantsho was a ‘family sister’.

Moyane made his relationship with late Kate Mantsho known when he answered questions about his relationship with President Zuma. Speaking to PowerFM’s Andile Khumalo last week, the SARS commissioner said,

“I do have a relationship with the president, a relationship that is natural of all cadres of the ANC. He was the first to receive me in the People’s Republic of Mozambique, as it was known then in 1976, November… and I worked under his leadership as he was the deputy chief representative of the African National Congress.

“The relationship was of political [nature], and at the same time he got married to my long-time old family sister, the late Kate…”

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However, after making the above statement and having learnt about subsequent reactions, Moyane decided to clarify speculation that Zuma’s late wife, Kate Mantsho, was his relative.

Speaking to News24 on Monday, the SARS commissioner asserted that Mantsho was a family friend. And that both of them resided in the same street back then.

“She grew up with me in the same street, like in any township. If you grow up in Soweto your neighbour, and your other neighbours grow up together. Your families know each other. It does not necessarily mean she’s my sister, but we grew up together, played together,” Moyane clarified more.

He further stated that he needed to clarify the claims he made last week because stories have started buzzing in town that he [Moyane] was given a job by President Zuma because he [Zuma] married his sister.

Moyane added that he only found out she was married to Zuma when he bumped into her in Mozambique later on.

SARS Commissioner Moyane’s Public Spat With Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

Tom Moyane made headlines last month following a power tussle between him and Finance minister Pravin Gordhan. While the scuffle got heated at that time, the presidency said Presidnet Zuma does not reserve the power to dismiss the Moyane or even interfere with the work of government agencies.

Gordhan on the other hand also insisted that President Zuma promised to take care of the matter. At that time, while Zuma and Tom Moyane enfeebled his authority, many South Africans feared that the country’s economy will fall like a pack of cards should Gordhan resign.

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However, irrespective of the Zuma led-administration which donned the cloak of ‘insecurity’, peace and justice are expected to be served in the Gordahn versus Moyane’s case. Many believed that the public spat between the minister and the commissioner needs to be addressed urgently because the two are practically the two most important public servants who control the purse strings of the country.