Sapo Employees Say Enough Is Enough!


Gauteng staff are planning to picket outside their offices as South African Post Office (Sapo) employees affiliated with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) embark on a strike around the country.

Sapo employees have made their requests known but their employers have not made any counter offer with regards to the demands of the workers which is a 10 percent increase in their salary.

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The members of Gauteng union are planning to organize a march to the African National Congress (ANC)’s Luthuli House tomorrow, while CWU President Clyde Mervin suggests that the Sapo employees hold a well organized and peaceful picket in Gauteng.

“In Gauteng they’re going to meet at different places and they’ll be talking about the plans for tomorrow. They’re not going to work as they’ll be outside picketing.”

The union says the reason for their agitation is that workers have not received any increase in their salary for the past two years. They have now been pushed to the wall with no other option than to act.

The CWU president Mervin likened the feelings of the workers to that of a’step child’ who is not receiving enough attention from the government.

“Workers have sacrificed for two years without an increase and everything has gone up. (CEO Mark Barnes) is very arrogant when he speaks to us. He is very rude to us. We’re going to strike and make our voices heard.”

Still in the spirit of achieving better salaries, striking Municipal Pikitup workers protested for days in their quest for better salaries.

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Pikitup workers who are affiliated to the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) were adamant in their decision to continue on their unprotected strike, irrespective of a threat issued by the management to terminate the appointment of those who fail to resume work.

Their insistence yielded good results as they resumed work last month after an agreement was reached to end the strike.