Watch! SA Man Sais du Plooy Pleads With Citizens To Make SA Better


The past weeks have been chaotic in South Africa following a rising political crisis which now seems to be swallowing up the happiness of the people.

But despite all these, a white South Africa man Sais du Plooy sang a song to all South Africans encouraging them to make their country a better place.

In his short and touchy ‘epiphany’ which has gone viral on social media, Sais du Plooy said although a lot has been going wrong in the country, shattering peoples’ hopes in the country, South Africans should “take a little step further towards making the country a better place.

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“I’ve never posted anything like this on Social Media, but I just had this epiphany and I felt the need to share my experience with people. I started to think, South Africa has really been through a few dark weeks! With many incidents taking place and so on.

“But last night just told an absolutely different story. And I want to motivate everyone to just to take that small step towards making the country a better place, we have just got so much potential,” he said as he called for unity, acceptance and understanding before singing his own remix of Weeping and Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica.

Sais du Plooy was driving home from a rugby match in Johannesburg when he decided to send a message to his fellow South Africans. At the time he started singing, he had left the Sharks vs Lions match for which his friend Beki Shongwe had given him the tickets.

Du Plooy’s song called for unity among South Africans, against series of the nation’s political crisis, mass unemployment and economic meltdown.

This was heightened by the latest downgrade to junk status, the first the country has experienced in seventeen years.

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Pointing accusing fingers at President Jacob Zuma, following his latest cabinet reshuffle, South Africans are gearing up towards a planned national shutdown on Friday.

The calls for a nationwide shutdown came after former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s comments, calling on the citizens to ‘organize and ‘mobilize’ and fight against those trying to take hold of the treasury.