SAA Flight Delayed: Cabin Crew Embark On Strike Action Over Meal Allowance


Flight with the South African Airways might be delayed today following reports of the SAA cabin crew strike action which is expected to start on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

The SAA cabin crew decided to go on strike over over international meal allowances which according to the association, haven’t been increased in six years.

Speaking on 702 on Wednesday morning, the SAA cabin crew Association spokesperson said the crew wants the daily meal allowance to be raised from $131 for all three meals to $170. However, the crew is open to negotiation, the spokesperson says.

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Passengers and stakeholders were informed about the strike action. SAA, however, said it’s doing everything possible to find common ground and/or a settlement on matters that are currently under discussion. “Negotiations are ongoing and the company remains optimistic that the strike action could be averted.”

SAA cabin crew

“Negotiations are ongoing and the company remains optimistic that the strike action could be averted,” the airline notified, adding that preparations are underway to support any service disruptions.

“The unintended impacts of the service disruption may result in an adverse effect on the operations schedule,” SAA said in a statement.

It’s not yet clear how long any strike action could last, it said urging passengers to visit its website for regular updates to changes to customers to visit its flight schedule.

The SAA cabin crew strike action will affect travels because the crew represents 80 percent of all crew and planes cannot be in the air without cabin crew,

SAA, however, said day-of-travel support will be provided to customers who may experience flight delays or cancellations that may occur during this period.

The SAA cabin crew industrial action comes at the time the airline battles with a huge capital loss in its  2016/17 financial year.

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The airline revealed in march that it was expecting a double of its loss from a previously budgeted R1.7 billion to R3.5 billion.

In its reply to the parliament’s standing committee on finance, the airline said despite the huge loss, the company will be focused on growing its revenues and to continue to apply cost compression initiatives.