DA Blades Blade For Not Releasing Student Support Funds


Maimane’s party has expressed dissatisfaction with the Minister for Higher Education and Training – Blade Nzimande, for his failure to hand universities the student support billion of rands he promised.

According to the party, Universities across the country are reporting that they have not received the promised funds.

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“Universities have held up their end of the bargain by allowing tens of thousands of indebted students to re-register. For his part in the plan, the Minister promised billions of rands of funding to be transferred to universities to support the students.

It seems that the Minister does not even keep his own promises, betraying tens of thousands of students. Universities are now experiencing cashflow issues which threaten to close them down,” DA lashed.

The party wailed that the University of Fort Hare (UFH) had stopped signing contracts with students as a result of funds running out.

DA said the money needed is available but just poorly managed.

“Last year NSFAS posted a surplus of nearly R2.7 billion. NSFAS itself estimates that it will have a surplus of nearly R3.2 billion as late as 2019, revealing massive inefficiencies in governance of the sector as well as a lack of political will to address these problems,” asserted the opposition party.

The party added: “though we were able to identify a further R2.73 billion in the 2016/17 budget which could have been transferred to assist poor students as well as give universities enough subsidies to pay the bills.

The ANC rejected these proposals, showing that they prioritized presidential jets, unnecessary VIP protection over the needs of the poor.”

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Following the revelation that universities are yet to receive the billions of rands in student support promised by the Minister of Higher Education, the Shadow Minister of Higher Education and Training, Belinda Bozzoli divulged that she’ll today, write to the Minister and demand he give a deadline for the transfer of the necessary funds.