AfriForum and Solidarity Unite To Fight SA Sports Racial Quotas


BuzzSouthAfrica has uncovered that AfriForum united with Solidarity to fight SA sports racial quotas.

Already, the non-governmental organisation and trade union have initiated the next phase of their battle against what they described as the “unbecoming interference in sport.”

From our gathering, AfriForum and Solidarity served court papers challenging South African Rugby Union (SARU), Cricket South Africa (CSA), Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Netball South Africa (NSA) to justify and defend the racial quotas they agreed on before the Labour Court.

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AfriForum and Solidarity are contending that the agreed upon quotas do not conform to local and international legislation and agreed upon norms.

This action follows the information the organisations obtained in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) from the sports ministry.

Johan Kruger, Solidarity’s Deputy Chief Executive pointed out that the sports ministry announced that certain sports federations would henceforth not be allowed to host international sports events if they do not comply with targets set by the department.

“The information obtained,” Kruger said, “indicates that the ministry’s transformation targets are nothing but a quota system, a system based on the absolute pursuit of numerical targets in accordance with race, a practice which is both unconstitutional and unlawful.

AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel buttressed that “the implementation of sports quotas in South Africa is in contravention of numerous international agreements South Africa has signed and ratified.

“It is also ironical that the ruling party is implementing sports quotas nowadays while it had made out a case to international sports bodies in 1970 that sportsmen should only be judged on merit,” Kriel added.

The AfriForum CEO further argued that the enforcement of racial quotas and political interference in South African sport directly violates the rules and regulations of international sports bodies.

“That is why AfriForum is going to send a delegation to several international sports bodies within the next few months,” Kriel disclosed.

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Commenting on the case with the Labour Court, Solidarity’s Kruger said:

“The ANC’s practice of withholding local sportsmen and women of opportunities because of unlawful racial quotas must be condemned by the courts.

We request an order that the court declare that the Transformation Charter, insofar as it pertains to demographic profiling, invalid and of no force and effect.

We further request that the court declare the agreements between the parties insofar as it pertains to quotas, as invalid and of no force and effect, and that sporting bodies are interdicted from applying quotas in determining team selection at a national, provincial, club or school level.”

To Kruger, it’s a crying shame that the ANC endorses such strict racial quotas. “However,” he said, “it is not surprising. Local racial laws and international agreements are idle words for the ANC.”