SA Religious Leaders: Zuma Has Ruined Our Beloved Country – Read Full Text


For inspiring the downgrading of South Africa to junk status, and the many other negative issues hanging around President Zuma’s neck, SA religious leaders are demanding he step down as the leader of South Africa.

In a joint statement, SA religious leaders asserted that they can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch Mr Zuma destroy South Africa. Thus, they urged the President to abandon his office as SA president.

The joint statement was issued by Rev Ray McCauley, Pundit Ashwin Trikamjee, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein and Moulana Ebrahim Bham on behalf of the National Religious Leaders Council (NRLC); and Church leaders: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba (Anglican Church) and Bishop Zipho Siwa (Methodist Church of Southern Africa).

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Below is the full content of the statement:

“Following momentous events unleashed last week by President Jacob Zuma the NRLC and Church Leaders have decided to release the following statement.

It is evident that we have gone beyond a leadership crisis in our country. The fact that both the President, his Deputy and some of the top six in the ruling party are no longer singing the same song, laying bare the crisis facing our country.

The actions of the President of recalling the former Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, and his Deputy from an International Roadshow which was aimed at wooing investors and engaging with Rating Agencies, has left South Africa embarrassed and humiliated on the International stage.

It is beyond comprehension that the President, who is required by the Constitution to put South Africa and its people first, could behave in a manner contrary to his Oath of Office.

While the country was still in shock last week that such an action of recalling the Finance Minister was effected, the President still re-shuffled his cabinet and fired Minister Pravin Gordhan and his Deputy, viewed by Religious Leaders and the majority of South Africans as competent people of integrity and who have always prioritised the interests of South Africa and its people.

The question is – what motivated the President to behave in this manner? As a result of these actions, South Africans woke up this morning to the news that our country has now been downgraded to “junk status” which will have devastating implications on our economy, affecting job creation, investment and the poorest of the poor.

For the past eighteen months, the President has continuously taken South Africa into a downward spiral and the cumulative effect of these and current events is that President Jacob Zuma has lost all moral legitimacy to govern and therefore should do the honourable thing and step down.

The ANC and Parliament have now no reason to delay holding the President accountable and do everything in their power to remove him from office.

Religious Leaders and Church Leaders are encouraging people to join the march on Friday 7th April in Pretoria city centre together with Civil Society and SAVE SA in protest against corruption and bad leadership. South Africans can no longer stand on the sidelines and watch President Jacob Zuma ruin our beloved country which we struggled so hard for.”

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If President Zuma is bothered that SA religious leaders have joined the agitation for him to fall, he isn’t showing it. And, if he’s going to respond the SA religious leaders’ call for him to step down, he’d likely say:

“It is sad to see the church and church leaders getting mired into matters of politics instead of praying for leaders.

Instead of bringing communities together, they are creating more problems in politics.I urge the church to pray for us as leaders‚ pray for our people to stop the hatred…”

That was what Zuma said when he was addressing members of Twelve Apostles’ Church in Christ (TACC) during their International Thanksgiving Day celebrations at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.