SA Qualifications Authority Prepares To Shame All The Hlaudis of SA


Reports have it that SA Qualifications Authority tabled a proposal that will enable it fish-out all the Hlaudis of South Africa and shame them.

As learnt, the authority wants to establish a public register of individuals claiming false qualifications with the institutions offering the false qualifications.

SA Qualifications Authority’s intent follows the high number of public figures in the country exposed for their fraudulent qualifications.

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Among others busted for the fraudlent act like the former KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson – Vincent Mdunge, former MP – Pallo Jordan, former SABC chairperson – Ellen Tshabalala, South African ambassador to Japan – Mohau Pheko, Prasa’s head of engineering services – Daniel Mthimkhulu, and former chief of acquisitions for the SA National Defence Force – Shamin Shaik, Hlaudi Motsoeneng gained the attention of many South Africans when he refused to vacate the office he got to occupy with his fraudulent qualifications.

That, undoubtedly, must have contributed to the SA Qualifications Authority proposal.

Commenting on the issue in a draft national policy published in the Government Gazette, CEO Joe Samuels wailed that:

“Media exposure of high ranking officials claiming to hold qualifications that they were not awarded, or for which they did not enroll, has created greater public awareness around misrepresented qualifications.

Universities are faced with prospective students who submit, as proof of fulfillment of admission requirements, qualifications that they have not rightfully earned.

In addition, degree mills continue to operate unabated. As soon as one is shut down, another mushrooms in its place.”

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Samuels further wailed that job competency and public well being are being jeopardized by the false qualification problems.

He said: “people are appointed to positions based on their false qualifications, which raises questions around their competence to hold these positions.

“In more senior positions, the safety of ordinary citizens and employees, the long-term viability and profitability of organisations and public service delivery rest in these fraudsters’ hands.”

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 As captured in the draft national policy, the proposal outlined that those found legally culpable of qualification fraud would be named in a register.

The register would contain the names and details of individuals and providers found by a court of law to be holding or issuing at least one fraudulent qualification.