Innovative Or Trashy? SA Post Office Launches Digital Mail Service


Obviously, SA Post Office (Sapo) is in a dire need to reinvent itself. Few days back, the Telecommunications and Postal Services Minister Siyabonga  Cwele related that the state-owned enterprise received a R650 million capital injection.

Cwele nonetheless, added that the R650 million is like a drop in the ocean. This is so because SAPO is in a dire need of about R3.7 billion to stabilize its operations and start implementing revenue-generating initiatives.

Apparently the digital mail service SAPO launched is one of the said revenue-generating initiatives.

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The digital service as learnt, will enable individuals and organisations use an electronic registered mail to send important and sensitive documents.

The outlet released a media statement where it related that SAPO has started a journey into the digital world and is looking forward to the future where it turns the corner as a revitalized Post Office.

“South Africans can now use electronic registered mail with all the legal validity of normal registered mail, thanks to eRegistered Mail launched by the SA Post Office. The Post Office expects this product to be of particular value to various organisations and individuals who work with sensitive and important documents,” read the statement.

It further related that “at a cost of R16,00 (excl. VAT) per eRegistered Mail sent, eRegistered Mail offers a substantial cost advantage over the alternatives such as delivery of legal papers by the sheriff of the court.

As with paper-based registered mail, proof of delivery and a full audit trail is recorded and available to the sender. eRegistered Mail provides recipients with a free response service, which in itself will enhance recipient response.”

Also, “access to the system is restricted to ensure protection of data, security and users are authenticated through a username and password as well as digital certificates.

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The digital postbox used for eRegistered mail is free for life, (and) no spam and no phishing is possible.

SAPO said the digital postbox comes with a free storage vault upfront where users can safely store important documents. The storage space can be extended if required.